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Amuse Event Lighting & Audio Visual to deploy facial recognition technology for live events.


Amuse Event Lighting & Audio Visual recently debuted its suite of new communication technology during Destination South Australia at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This differentiated offering includes facial recognition technology as well as unique social media integration into the event space. Through structuring content with an emphasis on interaction, greater engagement with target audiences will increase and event objectives become easier to reach.

While facial recognition technology is not new (it is found in other sectors such as advertising), in live events it is not deployed on any sort of scale. Through its suite of digital technology, Amuse has created a service offering that allows seamless integration of facial recognition technology to displayed content. By doing this, clients can now have greater control over content as well as real time analytics to tell if their content is holding people’s attention.

When a particular demographic becomes dominant in a zone, Amuse can trigger content targeted at this demographic. Once played, analytics tell how engaged the demographic was through mood and dwell time. It should be noted that no video is recorded and that people are placed in a demographic (rather than individually tagged) – allowing privacy to be maintained.

Amuse Event Lighting & Audio Visual is also deploying this technology as a crowd counter at larger events so that Event Organisers can get a more accurate breakdown of crowd demographics.